Shanghai and Philippines tidings

In Shanghai opened free trade zone

In Shanghai, called the economic capital of China, opened free trade zone.

The opening ceremony of the FTA, whose area is 29 square kilometers, participated Minister of Economy and Commerce of China. He said that opening the zone will allow a more active and open economic strategy.

Within this zone will be simplified regime for foreign investments and lending rates will be determined through market mechanisms.

One of the goals of free trade zone is a desire to try to establish the real value of the Chinese currency – the Yuan, which the rest of the Chinese government controls extremely tough.

In southern Philippines fighting continues

The death toll in the fighting that nearly two weeks going between government forces and Islamists in southern Philippines has reached at least 114 people, writes a citing local media.

According to the official representative of the military, Captain Jefferson Somero total number of rebels killed reached 94 people, total military losses up 13 people, and the other victims – civilians.

Another 93 militants were captured. According war, resistance continued from 30 to 70 rebels who are holding hostage 25 civilians.

Earlier it was reported that at least 200 armed supporters of the leader of a large organization Philippine Islamist Moro National Liberation Front Nur Misuari signed September 9 in southern Zamboanga city and captured it at least 200 hostages, which they used as “human shields.” Earlier this week, the Philippine Air Force helicopter gunships supported by 4.5 thousand. Military began to attack the positions of militants.

Philippine military rejected the allegations of international human rights organizations that during the operation they are subjected to risk the life of the hostages.

“If (the militants) are used” human shields “, we do not shoot. Otherwise, these fights have ended long ago” – said the spokesman of the armed forces of the Philippines Lt. Col. Ramon Sagan.

Islamists seize town hall would declare independence Zamboanga and southern regions of the country, but troops thwarted those plans. The reason for the attempts of separation was that the government of the Philippines signed in October 2012 a new peace agreement not FNZM, and with powerful Islamic liberation Front Moro (FIZM).

FNZM long had been the main driving force behind the war between the government and Islamists, which is in southern Philippines since 1974, but in 1996 signed a peace agreement. In 2001 the leader of the Front Nur Misuari tried to raise a new rebellion, but it was quickly suppressed, but then killed dozens of people. Sam Misuari fled to Malaysia, where he was issued on the Philippines.

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