The Smallest Country in The World

The Vatican is the smallest country in the world. Its area is 0, 44 square meters. kilometers.

This is the smallest country in the world that can be compared to a golf course, located in the territory of Rome. Its population is 770 inhabitants. The country is located inside Rome, the capital of Italy. Here is the residence of the head of the Catholic Church, the Pope. For this reason, a small city-state is considered a spiritual center for the entire Catholic world.

Residents consider those who work here. The smallest ancient army of the world, the Swiss Guard, protects the country. It was formed by Swiss traders as far back as 1506. At the moment there are only 100 people in the army. A characteristic feature of each of them is a single Catholic, a Swiss citizen.

In the Vatican they speak Italian and Latin. The country’s economy is exceptional: it is unified unprofitable in the world. The Vatican’s treasury is supplemented from the pockets of Catholics around the world, that is, it is formed from donations, income from the sale of books, postage stamps and tourism. And one more important note: the Vatican does not collect taxes as a spiritual center.

All legislative acts of the smallest state come into power only after they are published in Latin and Italian. That is, in the Vatican two official languages function at once. In spite of the presence of many nationalities among the servants of the church, work is allowed in every suitable language of the world.

It is assumed that the name of the Vatican came from the name of the god of death Vattaca. Since it was on the terrain of the city-state that the Roman ruler Nero destroyed the apostle Peter. The country in the world did not always have such a modest size. Including from 752 until 1870, the Catholic Church belonged to the territory of 41,407 kilometers.

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