Geography as a science (part 2)

Geography is a complex of at least seven sciences, which can be listed in this order:

1) Astronomical or mathematical geography closely associated with surveying and astronomy and gives a basis for mapping, i.e. constitute art and drawing cards in different projections..;

2) Geophysics, or physics world related to physics, astronomy, and partly geology;

3) Physical geography breaks up into:

  1. Orography, in close contact with some departments of geology,
  2. Oceanography and
  3. the climatology based on the meteorology, but having an objective analysis not only heat, light and electric phenomena as data for characterizing the synthesis climatic differences at the earth’s surface;

4) Biological geography:

  1.  Plants and geography
  2. Geography. Animals (these two sectors are closely related to the botany and zoology and developed mainly by specialists in these sciences);

5) Anthropogeography depends, on the one hand, on data from physical and biological geography, on the other – for data anthropology, ethnography, statistics and history;

Past three cards (3, 4, 5) together constitute a so-called “general geography”;

6) Private geography or geography, i.e., the study of individual countries with respect to the three just mentioned departments “general geography”..;

7) the history of geography, both in terms of the spatial extension of the earth’s surface information, and the development of geographic concepts and beliefs. Essentially, nevertheless, as having their very own objectives and techniques, these sciences, could be created and truly created individually from location, and for that reason shouldn’t link and combined with it.

Decomposition of location in the numerous divisions which are refined just about individually, observed not just in Indonesia, where location stands today many extremely, being symbolized with a quantity of divisions in colleges, several well-known researchers, exceptional publications, publications, observatories, cartographic establishments a such like. Also, although etc. in additional countries in Europe, without getting into bickering, wherever, nevertheless, various divisions of location were able to individual, which with concerning the aspect of geographers was invested lots of work recently. Among whose notable reps has become T, therefore in Britain the college of geophysicists some time ago divided? Darwin; about the other-hand, there endured numerous experts who’ve a substantial orographic providers, many hydrographs-professionals (for instance, Buchanan), meteorologists and, lastly, the particular quantity of geographers who follow Ritter, permit substantial involvement anthropogeographical component (eg, DEB. In Italy, wherever cartography, the science of Our Planet, meteorology, the real history of location, etc., have previously divided to get a very long time, geography correct usually retains near link between your bodily and physical element and also the anthropogeographical component; the very best exemplary instance of this really is El. Reclus, who, giving an excellent because of its period, actual location composition (La Terre), proceeded towards the demonstration of personal nations Location (Geography Universally), which offered fantastic types of the way the geographer should mix the most recent bodily information concerning the Planet is area with bio data and Anthropogeographical. It’s fascinating the greatest reps of location in Portugal, within their physical documents, for instance, Vivien Martin et al. provide edge actually historic and mathematical components.

The difficulty of regional technology, which wants help in a variety of areas, is actually verified by physical congresses, by which astronomers, physicists, experts, ethnographers, statisticians, a such like, alongside the geographers themselves, are interviewed; Subsequently by physical yearbooks and publications, which set on their websites posts and studies on numerous limbs of understanding which are just about near to location; Lastly, tasks on the institution of unique physical organizations for that greater training of geography in its whole tasks which have seemed lately in Croatia, Portugal, and Spain (the task of the Imperial Geographical Culture and also the draft of The building blocks of at St. Petersburg the unique department. College).

Making aside such special ideas, it’s possible to not but acknowledge that geography with the objective of more logical greater training of it ought to be symbolized by at-least two divisions: the one that might be provided the title of geophysics, which may need unique bodily and numerical instruction and which It’d link to some well-supplied and installed geophysical Observatory; and also the additional – the geography, ie, common geography along with a personal nations geography… This division takes a unique organic-historic and physical instruction and presupposes a particular knowledge of the cartography, background, location and also the sciences additional to anthropogeography; it ought to be supplied with a physical research having an adequate quantity of cards, publications, publications along with other supplies for that table research and activities.

One of the geographer’s most significant duties must be the improvement of personal nations that will be impossible with no comprehensive associate using the common geography, which is carefully associated with the achievement of personal geography’s geography. Common location using the personal, self-evident, is verified from the exemplary instance of American colleges – particularly the very best-collection, German by which “erkunde” read and is created from the same teachers who train and “Erdkunde”. The research and training of personal location presupposes a far wide or more approval of the component that is individual, as Teacher Zupan lately insisted, and once we observe within the greatest artificial works of international geographers. The improvement of the personal location demands no less interest, courtesy that is crucial, it is in a position to provide much more instant benefit, and declaration.

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