Human geography

Here you will find articles on the science of general and specific laws and mechanisms of action and their manifestations of the territorial organization of society

External economic relations and international tourism

Exterior financial relationships – the machine of financial relationships between your national establishments of various nations centered on worldwide department of incorporation and work. “Worldwide financial relationships” is larger compared to idea of “worldwide industry ” idea. The very first addresses additionally trade-in expense products, work migration, medical and specialized assistance, worldwide vacation such like. […]

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Geography of world’s natural resources

Any interaction involves binding consequences for those interfaces. These effects can be both positive and negative. That’s about it, unfortunately, “forgot” society implicitly exploiting nature. The depletion of deposits of mineral resources and huge quarries and pits, reducing the area of forests and desertification, pollution of surface and underground water, “water famine”, loss of soil […]

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The technological revolution and the world economy

The technical revolution (STR) – serious qualitative change of interpersonal manufacturing underneath the impact of research and engineering. That such encountering contemporary world economy in the center of the century and modifications. The essential and primary function of STR may be technology that has become an essential area of activity’s quick improvement. Since the degree […]

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Modern world map

The item from the map’s primary worth would be nations, the claims and areas. Condition used place with described edges that geographically and governmental separate of additional claims in exterior and inner relationships. Consequently, frequently state that their state is governmental organization that is sovereign. To create its power that is sovereign over produces state […]

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Recreational resources

Fun Assets – an accumulation of phenomena or items of anthropogenic and organic that market restoration relaxation and therapy of people. One of many organic advantages which are employed for different types of recreation (re-creation, fun, intellectual or amusement, etc.) are spring springs, positive climatic problems, coastal ponds and oceans, stunning areas, character supplies and […]

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Mineral Resources

Gas assets. That gas assets presently supply more than 90% of complete power usage on the planet. This power that is worldwide remains centered on three-core “remains” gasoline acrylic and coal. Power shares based on numerous resources believed at 10-14 billion loads. Nevertheless, shares are determined not just in cubic yards or loads. Frequently the […]

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The stages of the world economy formation

The planet economy’s entire background resembles the guy that has the “youth”, “youth” and ” maturity’s tale.” 10 thousand has been developed around by history of the foundation of the planet economy. Whenever an individual with regular customers has turned into a maker years back. The primary part whilst in the planet economy’s “childhood” and […]

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International organizations in the world

In the current globe, remoteness of any nation is actually dangerous for this and where no organic edges aren’t a to conversation between people, the essential location entertained by numerous types of global assistance. One of these simple types may be the worldwide business affiliation of nationwide neighborhood or claims, including low governmental character to […]

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Land and water resources

Property assets can be seen in two ways like a place for submission of effective causes; subsequently, like a source that because of its distinctive qualities guarantees farming of woodland and agricultural plants. All property account on the planet (excluding Antarctica) is 134 thousand hectares. Provided the planet’s present populace, it would appear that enough […]

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