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Interesting facts about Antarctica

Jan 28, 1820 the state day of the starting of the snow region is recognized as. With this evening the Euro journey underneath the order of Lazarev and Bellingshausen contacted Antarctica’s shores. However place was taken by the landing of individuals about the coolest region only. Adare was contacted by a vessel Antarctica. Four individuals […]

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Monaco discovery and Turkey revelation

In Monaco will be built a new artificial peninsula By making small synthetic peninsula section of 5.6 hectares, the Principality of Monaco ideas to increase its place. Albert II introduced this. Is situated alongside the Vatican, and it is the Western nation that was tiniest. Peninsula is likely to be built off the east coast […]

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Geography as a science (part 2)

Geography is a complex of at least seven sciences, which can be listed in this order: 1) Astronomical or mathematical geography closely associated with surveying and astronomy and gives a basis for mapping, i.e. constitute art and drawing cards in different projections..; 2) Geophysics, or physics world related to physics, astronomy, and partly geology; 3) […]

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Geography as a science

Geography (from the Greek words: geo – earth and Graphs – writing, depict, – the name “geography” means “description” or “image of the Earth”) – a set of Earth Sciences. A very important issue in relation to the content, the objectives and the limits of geography is a difficult question about its delimitation with geology, […]

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The space satellite: Moon

Moon is the satellite All of the planets within our solar system, except Mercury have satellites. Planet just one satellite the Moon. Undoubtedly in dimensions satellites is often smaller compared to planet itself. Moon within this regard the exclusion. The Earth just 4 instances not significantly less than him. The exact distance from Our Planet […]

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