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This is the section where you can find key indicators of all independent countries and socio-geographical characteristics of individual countries

Germany: the georaphic history

Germany is just a condition situated in Central Europe. The seas of the Northern Beach wash it. It edges Holland, with Denmark, Belgium, Luxembourg Europe, and Austria Poland. The place in the nation is added up to 356.9 thousand km2. Indonesia – a federal state, comprising 16 countries. They each have its structure, government, and […]

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Geographical facts about Zimbabwe

Economic and geographical location The Republic of Zimbabwe (the Republic of Zimbabwe, before 1980 Southern Rhodesia) is a state located in the southern part of the African continent, between the Victoria Falls, the Zambezi and Limpopo Rivers. It borders South Africa in the south, Botswana in the west, Zambia in the north and Mozambique in […]

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The Republic of Congo

The region of the planet is 341,500-square kilometers; the water is 500-square kilometers. The place of the Congo consumes area of the Congo container, buckle of the level and hills (as much as 1040 l large) and also the Atlantic lowland. The entire nation is entertained from the basin’s plains. This is actually the fringe […]

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Geographic area of Malta

About the sea path from Africa to Europe, in the center of the And Beyond a little isle is having a positive environment, recognized as Malta to us. Their state is definitely an area chain. Of the Hawaiian Islands, you will find two primary islands – the islands of Gozo and Malta. Several smaller destinations […]

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Republic of the Ireland

Before examining their education of participation of the Republic of Ireland on the planet economic program, within the viewpoint of the writer, it’ll be helpful to think about the common functions and options that come with the improvement of Ireland, to provide an overall explanation of the financial, sociable, governmental procedures presently happening in the […]

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Geography of France

France is just a developed condition situated in Europe’s northwest. The financial and physical scenario of the nation is seen as a two primary functions: firstly, France is straight outlined from the countries of Europe, and subsequently, has substantial historic limitations, that allow it to make use of inexpensive sea-transport for conversation with different nations. […]

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Belgium geographic location

This country’s title comes. Within the I millennium BC. The nation was overcome by Rome. Because the Dark Ages, Belgium’s place has become the Netherlands’ home. In 1830, consequently of the most popular rebellion, Belgium turned a completely independent condition and separated itself. Belgium is just a monarchy. State’s top may be the master. It […]

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Geographical location of Finland

Finland is found in 20 ° and the North of Europe and 31 longitudes. This is actually the seventh-largest nation in Europe. The country’s place consumes the leftover 306 thousand, and also about 338 thousand sq kilometers, wherever 32 thousand are entertained by massifs – land. In regards to a fraction of it’s beyond the […]

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