Monthly Archives: December 2017

Germany: the georaphic history

Germany is just a condition situated in Central Europe. The seas of the Northern Beach wash it. It edges Holland, with Denmark, Belgium, Luxembourg Europe, and Austria Poland. The place in the nation is added up to 356.9 thousand km2. Indonesia – a federal state, comprising 16 countries. They each have its structure, government, and […]

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The current state of the world economy

The planet economy has become that great gravest since World-War economic crisis as acknowledged by the UN. Prior to the disaster, within the time 2004-2007., globe major item (AMS) accounted for nearly 4% annual’s development. AMS increased by the leads to 2009, and also no more than 2% for that very first time in almost […]

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Geographical facts about Zimbabwe

Economic and geographical location The Republic of Zimbabwe (the Republic of Zimbabwe, before 1980 Southern Rhodesia) is a state located in the southern part of the African continent, between the Victoria Falls, the Zambezi and Limpopo Rivers. It borders South Africa in the south, Botswana in the west, Zambia in the north and Mozambique in […]

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Resources of the World Ocean

As mankind progressively received their focus on the areas of the seas, dry land addresses significantly less than a third of the world. So that as proven from the second half of the, it has such prosperity, which frequently surpass the land’s assets. The primary prosperity of the sea is huge supplies of water (in […]

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