Water phenomena

The mystery of the empty lake

Russian Secret empty lake, located in the Altai, not disclosed until now. All around the reservoir lake teeming with fish and game, and empty – no grass, no fish, no birds on the beach, and despite the fact that fish lakes flow rivers are flowing into empty. Researchers have tried many times to settle mysterious lake water local fauna and flora, favoring the most undemanding species.

However, all experiments ended the same way: a day or two fish and other animals a dead, vegetation. Empty and remains empty. But most surprisingly, chemists that many times carried water analysis for content of toxic substances have shown that the water is absolutely not toxic, suitable for use, and even  reminiscent of champagne bubbles due smallest harmless gas.

The water lakes studied by experts from Germany, USA, Belgium and Britain, and still no one could explain or even offer a plausible hypothesis about the strange phenomenon of the reservoir. Is it possible in the near future to solve this mystery? Unfortunately, experts vague shrug.

Victoria Falls “running away” from Zimbabwe.

Victoria Falls on the Zambezi River, Africa located on the border between the republics of Zambia and Zimbabwe so vigorously destroys the river bed, which is about 15-20 years postponed upriver, leaving Zimbabwe , it is “go” in Zambia. And there is no power that could stop this process.

The real “Dead Sea” is located in Sicily

The most “dead” is not commonly Dead Sea, and “Lake of Death”, located on the island of Sicily. On its shores there is no vegetation, birds avoid flying over the lake, and every living thing that gets in it, waiting for the inevitable death. It liked to bury their victims mafia. As it turned out, from the bottom of the lake beat two sources very concentrated acid. They poison the water.

The river stone guard protects Grouse

Quietly its waters tributary Grouse. Where crosses the river near old crystalline rocks over its steep right bank stands a large boulder that resembles the head of an ancient knight who peers into the blue river. Cliff Head Chatsky not specifically made sculptural composition. This is natural monument formed by weathering of granite rocks. It exists far more years, even thousands of years.

Around Chairman Chatsky always there are many legends associated with her name. According to one of them, the brave and mighty knight named Chatsky led heroic wife, who in hard times defended from the enemy homeland. In another version, Chatsky Kozak, who persecuted the Polish soldiers, without chance of escape, jumped with a horse in Grouse, river then was abundant, but its level was much lower. Kozak died. However, the actual name of the rock “Head Chatsky” traced in historical and topographical sources in the first half of the nineteenth century, long after the Cossack era.

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