Unbelievable facts

Salt can serve as building blocks

The settlement phase (or Tehazi) in Algeria known fact that almost all its houses from foundations to roofs and even a fortress with towers and high walls around it made of ordinary salt. Of course, humid climate salt  quite precarious building material, but in the settlement phase in the Sahara, where the rain falls infrequently, it fully justifies itself. Therefore, there is salt village for many years.

Water from lake in Algeria

The lake filled with “ink” is in Algeria, near Sidi Bel Abbès. Water of the lake can be written on paper. “Ink” never exhausted because their stock is constantly updated. The fact that this “natural ink” flow two smaller rivers of water one of them rich in iron salts, and another – humid substances they who form a fluid-like ink bottle.

Gravity is distributed unevenly Earth

It turns out that in some places you can feel harder than others. Thus, the low gravity observed off the coast of India, and relatively high gravity in the South Pacific. The reason for this is unknown, because the existing surface crust formation is not dominant.

Twin NASA satellites called GRACE, launched in March 2002, carry out detailed measurements of Earth’s gravitational field, which will make new discoveries in the field of gravity and the ecological system of the planet.

Flammable water exists!

Water can burn. Near the village Kerhalan in Azerbaijan is as “flammable” water. It abounds with a small hole, creating a lively stream. One has only to raise the key – lighted match, and the water lights up blue flame. Scientists attribute this to the fact that with the water from the ground comes combustible gas – methane. It’s the breaks of the match.

Every second in the world comes to 100 lightning strikes

According to various estimates, the frequency of lightning strikes on Earth is 100 times per second. Current data obtained by satellite that can detect lightning in places where there is ground observation, this frequency is an average of 44 ± 5 times per second. This corresponds to about 1.4 billion zippers a year.

Approximately 75% of these lightning strikes or between clouds within clouds, and 25% – in the ground.

Increases the mass of Earth by cosmic dust 30 thousand tons per year

Every year the Earth is around 30,000 tons of interplanetary dust. Most asteroids wandering around the Sun in a belt between Mars and Jupiter. Fragments generated from their bumps and dust is tightened inside the solar system, and sometimes close to Earth. Dust and stones, earth moving relatively quickly, often cut into the atmosphere and burn, creating the effect of “falling stars” – meteors.

Debris moving slowly or have larger slower can be captured by gravity planet and survive, in the form of meteorites on the surface.

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