Steps to Writing a Thesis Statement

The thesis is considered as a brief statement, which supposes the argument or the stance regarding the focus of your subject. As a rule, one has to mind that thesis needs to be manageable and interesting for the essay or task you are off to enter upon. At the same time, the thesis’ task lies in reflecting the peculiar contribution to the comprehension of the topic. Eventually, it has to cover the claim regarding the subject, which may be explained and justifies by you. Try to imagine the thesis in the form of a road map; that is to say, it is targeted at informing readers what they should expect from essay.

Do not forget that the thesis can possess diverse goals in accordance with the subject in which you are composing. So, it may be applied in order to determine or categorize, make believe or persuade, introduce correlation or cause-effect interconnection, show a parallel or similarity between cases, examine in a critical way or estimate, create or offer some new policies, or remember about ethical issues. These facts will be quite helpful for you later and by means of them you will know how to write a thesis statement correctly.

There are a great number of various methods to produce the thesis:

  • Make a list of all possible questions that relate to the subject. Try to choose the question that attracts your attention the most and compose a comprehensive answer for the given question.
  • Try to consider any aspects of the subject that are not fully clear to you – what provokes a kind of confusion or difficulties?
  • Do not forget about free-write method. Jot down all thoughts regarding the subject in the way they appear in your head until you are ready to present an intriguing investigation avenue.

After the moment a probable thesis has been elaborated, try to ask some next questions and it will be clear that they assist you in estimating the strong points of the academic writing thesis statement:

  • Can I answer the given question appropriately? Familiarizing with a prompt of question once again after completing a working thesis may help you to set an argument.
  • Am I ready to take the stance that can be opposed or challenged?
  • Can my thesis be peculiar enough? Those theses, which are too unclear, more often than not, do not possess a powerful argument. In the event the thesis includes such words as “efficient” or “fine,” check if you may be more peculiar: why is something “efficient;” what particularly makes something just “fine”? Remember, when writing a thesis statement at high school, that these questions may ease your task.
  • Is the thesis ready to pass “So just what?” test? It may happen that the first readers’ response will be “So what?”; after that, your task is to make clarifications regarding a stance.
  • Does my paper back up the thesis in peculiar and without any wandering? In the event the main body and the thesis cannot be combined together, then one of them definitely requires transformation. It is absolutely fine to alter the working thesis to show things you have learnt within the frames of writing procedure.
  • Is the thesis ready to pass the “how and just why?” test? It may happen that the first readers’ response will be “in which way?” and “how?” the thesis may turn out to be too wide and lack some guidance for the audience. Nevertheless, often students require help writing thesis statement. When it is also of immediate interest for you, then do not procrastinate and ask for help.

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