Easy Steps to Write an Argumentative Essay

Composing argumentative papers takes the place of those kinds of papers that demand the highest level of critical thinking and thorough research procedure. It offers two different viewpoints – one point backs up the idea, while some other point rejects this idea. A decision regarding the correctness of this or that idea is left for readers.

The argumentative paper has to present to readers a selected concept (the debatable one that sounds challenging), has to state a personal opinion of an author regarding the subject (disclaiming or backing it up), and has to include conclusions of a writer regarding the topics about argumentative essay.

How Exactly to Compose Such Papers

To compose a successful paper, your task is to start gathering your ideas. Stick to the tips mentioned below:

(1) Pick a topic of great interest.

In the case under consideration, selection of a particular topic is considered as a very serious issue – it needs to be social enough to pave the way for the development of the argument. Your task will not only be to make an examination of reliable sources regarding the subject, but will also need to make an analysis without being biased. Consider an argumentative problem, meaning the subject, which will include some conflict opinions.

(2) Write the introductory part together with the thesis.

Provide the thesis that has to reveal the main thought of the paper; the thesis has to placed somewhere at the end of the introductory section. In case you do not know how to write introduction for argumentative essay, address to your teacher and ask him to offer you some guidelines regarding the issue.

(3) State arguments.

Remember that every single argument has to be backed up with supportive facts and information, which will assist in reasoning and deriving conclusions. Here, one should witness the majority of pro-ideas, while the cons have to be introduced before the pros. When two sides have been stated, your task will lie in representing your personal version of the matter supported by facts, demonstrating why the given opinion is correct.

(4) Make a conclusion alongside with the claim.

Get back to the main thought provided in the argumentative essay introduction structure once more. It is important to state a problem once again in the form of appeal to readers, informing them that you have voiced two opposite beliefs on one issue and readers themselves have to take a decision regarding the side he or she is going to support.

Structure and Formatting Style of Paper

The argumentative paper structure as nearly any other paper has to include the introductory part with the thesis, major bulk of text, and the section of conclusion. A number of paragraphs will be different in accordance with the task requirements and instructions. When being engaged in stating the pros (approval of informational sources introduced in the main body) and cons (those facts that object the ideas introduced earlier) of the subject you have to demonstrate the depth of analytical reasoning and critical thinking skills.

The required format of the paper has to be pointed out in the paper’s requirements and instructions sheet. In case there are no instructions mentioned, you do not have to forget that students from such educational establishments as colleges compose papers with the observance of MLA format, while university students compose papers with the observance of APA writing format. So, when you think, “I need an argumentative essay now and how I can write it,” just follow all tips presented above and you will be definitely surprised with the final result.

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