Can the river flow in the opposite direction?

An extremely fascinating occasion, which transpired within the, Explained in another of the stories. Historic Novgorod’s populace disappointed with incorrect conduct their religious shepherd John chose to eliminate him in the town. Host of church authorities permitted the water Volkhov, that will be were only available in Ilmen River and empties down.

But a factor that was strange hadn’t host to move out towards the Volkhov’s center, his back abruptly endured. Her brain somehow “transformed ” and went within the reverse course. Spiritual Novgorod required this “wonder” on his throne back as “an indication of God the Father,” John with respects.

The main reason this trend is very easy. As it happens, the incline of the area in the supply of the water Volkhov towards its mouth in Ladoga of our planet minimal. in the upper reaches is dried climate, as well as once the reaches of the large rain or springtime snow jam shaped, the water-level is greater than top of the. Moves within the reverse path and consequently Water, i.e. towards the Ilmen.

Types of this trend are several. Modifications its circulation likewise somewhat big water of Western Spain that’s commenced from River. One of the broad low shores, where in actuality the incline of 2 cm per distance, the water moves silently in its top reaches. But-its top reaches in springtime – Lying and tides, saturated in melt water, moving in a price that enjoys, double-stop shifting water circulation, developing a type of dam.

It generates height, and she delivered to him since the degree of the water at the same time is a lot greater than within the river. It endures to times from three. Throughout the reverse-flow in River produced a sizable way to obtain water. Built sluice permitting the excess to wait and control water movement and here dam.

The trend that is explained could be seen in September and July within the reaches of the Water when tides that circulation involved with it, abruptly start to circulation within the course that is reverse. At the moment, surges often happen within the lower mattress of the water that is truly amazing.

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